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Why Me!

Whether it’s an errant shopping cart in a parking lot, a falling pine cone or some driving student learning how to parallel park, no one wants to pay to repair random damage to their vehicle. Auto glass breakage is no exception. Have you driven any Interstate Highways lately? How many rocks, stones and pebbles did you encounter? Eventually one of these is going to damage your windshield beyond repair and you will have to replace it. Bummer.

The great thing about windshields is that they are incredibly strong, and, short of being hit by a cinder block for example, they can protect you and your passengers from most impacts. Windshields also have the added benefit of being see-through and can prevent you from having a “bad hair day”. But your windshield is more than that. It is a part of the structural integrity of your vehicle. Without proper windshield installation, airbags would be useless and roll-over accidents, while inconvenient, could have much more catastrophic results.

The down side is that occasionally windshields, (not unlike your tires and brakes), need to be replaced from either wear and tear or an unexpected impact. Replacing your windshield with the correct materials is crucial.

Every year, new technologies are being pioneered and implemented by the wiley engineers of the auto industry. (They did put a Tesla in space just for fun). The windshield in your car is not immune to this relentless march of technological innovation. Your windshield may have multiple sensors and features you may not even be aware of. Some windshields can sense and enable your car to react to rain, light, or inadvertent lane changes. It may have cameras, forward collision warnings, de-icing capabilities, radar, LIDAR, etc. Your vehicle may have a variety of these options or none at all. Subsequently, properly identifying your windshield is crucial in providing you with the correct parts and materials for what you drive.

Luckily, That’s What Glass on the Move Is Good At.

Before you rely on a generic, on-line quote, call Glass On The Move. There may be options that your vehicle requires that are essential to the operation, and value, of your car. Then again, maybe not. The only way to know what is best for you, your car, and your wallet is to speak with any one of our experienced professional staff. Let us do what we do best and help you through this process because there is no “one-size-fits all” solution when dealing with auto glass.

-James Serwa

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