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Chances are that if you are reading this it’s too late and you already need our help. If nothing else, these tips may help you in the future or maybe even feel little better.

Auto break-ins are a nasty reminder that we live an urban area and bad things happen to good people. Don’t fret. Don’t panic, and for Pete’s sake, don’t do anything rash.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you park, what you drive or how pretty you think you are. If someone wants your stuff bad enough, they will get it. Just remember: It’s only stuff, it can always be replaced. You can’t be. Don’t despair.

Here Are Some Do’s and Don’Ts That Only an Experienced Auto Glass Company Can Give You.

Do: Call Glass On The Move with any questions regarding all things auto glass. We can advise you as to what options are available and what may be the best solution for you.

Do: Have good insurance. Keep your comprehensive deductible low and use it! It doesn’t do any good to have coverage if you don’t use it and glass-only losses will not increase your premiums.

Don’t: Leave anything in your car. Especially electrical cords and devices. Thieves don’t know what you’re hiding but an electrical cord gives them a good idea.

Do: If you have a hatchback style vehicle i.e. Prius, Mazda 5, Subaru etc. and have had repeated break-ins, remove the “package tray” in back (consult your manual if you must). Thieves don’t care if all you keep back there is an emergency roadside kit that is of little value to you, they will break in to find out and often cause expensive damage to cars with the “package tray” option.

Don’t: Leave any bags or suitcases visible. It may just be stinky gym clothes to you, but all a thief sees is a vessel used to carry your stuff in. What kind of stuff is inconsequential to them.

Don’t: Spend thousands of dollars on an expensive alarm system. When was the last time you came running or peeked out the window when you heard a car alarm? Exactly. If it makes you sleep better at night…See the following.

Do: Get a flashing red LED light installed or a battery powered one that plugs into your dash. They are cheap (and often cheaply made) but when cruising down a line of cars looking for potential swag, a thief may want to avoid these cars. A red light is easy to spot, and to a thief it might signal “alarm”. No noise is a good noise in the still of the night.

Don’t Ever!: Place your purse, laptop, gold bullion or anything dear to you in the trunk when others could be watching. Do it before you drive not after you park.

Do: Call Glass On The Move first if you have broken auto glass. We know this stuff upside down, inside out and sideways (especially the insurance process).

Don’t: Let friends stop at a tourist attraction with their rented car loaded with luggage because they “want to make one more stop” on the way to the airport.

Don’t: Let friends stop at a tourist attraction with their car loaded with luggage on their way to your place.

Don’t: Carry large amounts of cash either on your person or in your car. This is the Bay Area people. Not Missoula. Just because you think you are cool, those bumper stickers that say “I brake for moose” say “tourist”.

Don’t: Believe in the “open door policy”. Not locking your car is a bad idea unless you really want a new homeless friend named Rufus who really appreciates his new public SUV toilet.

Don’t: Go long term without replacing your broken glass, it is not a “preventative measure” against a second break-in. We see these cars most often when there are now two broken glasses and it’s raining.

Don’t: Utilize your homeowner’s insurance for things automotive. Homeowner’s insurance typically carries a high deductible and claims can raise your premiums. Unless you had the crown jewels stolen from your car, stick to the comprehensive side of your auto policy and call us. We can help.

Lastly, Every car, every glass, every insurance claim, and circumstance is unique. if you have been broken into, call Glass On The Move First. I know we say this a lot but you can save a lot of time and headache if you let us walk you through it. Seriously, we are here to help.

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