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Unfortunately, these three things have contributed to a large portion of glass replacements in the past year or so. Hyundai and Kia and Audi have been particularly of interest to thieves who tend to leave a trail of destruction in their attempts to steal the entire vehicle.

Equally, mass break-ins to vehicles have left many drivers stunned as there were little or no possessions to steal but still left them with the cost of replacing a broken window.

Worst of all is the “smash and grab” attacks on solo drivers while stopped at an intersection. Often they are targeting women’s purses on the passenger seat. The experience of being the victim of this type of crime is violent and traumatizing. At Glass on the Move, we find this type of crime to be heinous and abhorrent.

While many of us are frustrated with law enforcement, and the legal system as a whole, for it’s inability to abate these crimes, we have some suggestions that may add some protection for you.

  1. Whenever possible do not leave ANYTHING that can attract thieves in your car. Grocery bags, gym bags, diaper bags, laptop cases and backpacks are all tempting to would be thieves. It may just be a bag to you but thieves will grab whatever they can in the ten seconds they are in your car.
  2. If you can’t leave your car empty, make sure you put objects in the trunk prior to departing for your destination. Some are thieves of opportunity and when they see where you put your stuff it is just an open invitation.
  3. For those with cars that are easier to steal consider getting a “club” lock for your steering wheel. They are inconvenient but an inexpensive and easy deterrent. One can’t count on alarms alone..
  4. Please, please, please keep your doors locked while driving and keep your purses, phones and handbags out of plain sight. It also doesn’t hurt to keep your phone, license and credit cards on your person and not in a vessel that can easily be snatched from your front seat.
  5. Most importantly, do not engage with these criminals. People have been hurt or worse trying to protect their property. Remember that your possessions can be replaced. You can’t.

While I hate the fact that we have to make special considerations for the lawlessness in our community, taking these steps and making them a normal part of your routine will greatly reduce your odds of a break-in and more importantly, a threat to your person.

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