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Well, here we are Life In the time of Covid. For those of you still commuting by car, we applaud your tenacity. If you put on the Hazmat suit and gloves, douse yourself in disinfectant, and have learned to get your point across with a mask on, we salute you. If you are one of the few who just happened to have put more than a couple of thousand miles on your car this year, you will notice that while traffic has improved, the amount of debris assaulting your car on the freeway has not. Don’t worry! We are here for you when your windshield takes a hit.

Literally, our trucks are out there going mobile and repairing or replacing windshields for folks like you every day. So, if you see this vehicle in front of you, know that you are following one of the best mobile auto glass technicians in the Bay Area. Call us when you need us.
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